Reviewed by Author Anna del C. Dye for Readers Favorite

What a great ride I had reading this book! I actually didn’t want to put it down. It is a smart family-friendly tale. I was worried about the theme at first, but it was very well done and it has become a great read. Pete is more than ready for a little fishing vacation with his family until his aunt and cousin join in the fun. Harold is three years older than Pete’s nine, and likes to bully him. At least he had in the past. This year he is taller and broader than the last time, and he even smiles. Maybe, just maybe, he has changed. After one look at him in the airport, when Harold starts calling him Petie, Pete knows life will be anything but fun with him around. His cousin hasn’t changed, just grown bigger and meaner. Harold soon starts getting Pete in trouble by doing mean things and then pretending that it was all Pete’s idea when they are in front of their parents. Pete thinks he can handle it, until Harold no only makes trouble for him but also starts bullying his five-year-old little sister. It all comes to a horrible standoff when Harold stops him from rescuing his little sister from going over the Sandman’s Falls. Was he really trying to kill her and blame Pete?

The story is very interesting. It will be well-received by elementary school-aged children all over the world. It is a good tool to help children learn how to fight against bullying. Barbara did a good job on the theme and has made a wonderful book on it. This is a job well done!
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