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​I have a passion for the arts, attended Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and expressed those passions in the Horticultural field for 20 years. I wrote periodically for many years and hoped to one day write a children's book. 
My childhood was experienced within the bounds of a large family and many friends. Everyone knew their neighbors in my small Pennsylvania hometown and we flourished in an era that was "worry-free", safe to walk to school and roam the streets at night. There are a few bullying events I was witness to as a child; they were harmless compared to what our children experience in today's society. None the less, on whatever scale, bullying is a constant in life and children must recognize and make decisions about how best to respond to these events.
     Committed to helping our children achieve their dreams
 This snap shot of my family, taken on our trip to the Mckenzie River in Oregon, was my first inspiration for Bullied Over Sandman's Falls. It was the late 90's when I started writing this book and bullying wasn't receiving the attention it does today. The book was written and re-written over the years, set aside and misplaced for a few years, edited and re-edited, and finally acknowledge by Barringer Publishing.
Pete is a typical young boy growing up in a world of computer games and super heroes. His younger sister, Adie, absolutely adores him and is always glued to his hip. They are busy preparing for a visit from his Aunt and older cousin Harold. Pete has been bullied by Harold in the past which has him dreading this visit.  
This weekend, Pete would rather be reading a story about wizards, vampires, and werewolves. Instead he will have to tolerate Harold’s bullish ways and dodge the trouble this will cause with Mom and Dad. Little does Pete know, Harold’s words and actions will lead to his worst nightmare. A day meant for fun and play, quickly turns into teasing and prodding by Harold, which throws Addie and Pete into the depths of darkness. Pete will need all his strength and wits to battle with a real monster that threatens to swallow him and Addie whole. Pete is about to experience the most dangerous, frightening adventure of his life.
When we are children, we must learn to stand up for ourselves and the one’s we love. We have all had our fair share of the “BULLY”, and if lucky, were never left with a scar. Reality is, we do not live in a world of super heroes to save the day, and the bully never goes away. Pete’s story shows us how easy things can escalate and gives us the faith to trust our instincts to prevail.

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